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Welcome to PainWISE

New Advances in Pain Management

A persistent pain problem can be difficult to explain and understand. You may have felt that you have been round the merry-go-round with your pain management and perhaps felt that you have not even been believed.

A consistent place where you would have visited is your pharmacy because without a doubt pain medicines of some kind would have been tried at one point or another in your treatment.

Pharmacists are specially trained healthcare professionals who have an expertise in medications. PainWISE Pharmacists and their staff are specially trained in the management of acute and chronic pain and can help you beyond just medicines alone.

They understand the impact persistent pain can have on your life and will help you to use your medicines safely and effectively. They can help you understand your pain conditiona and educate you on how to manage your pain using medication and non-drug strategies.

The PainWISE community based Pharmacy Professional Service program is the first of its kind in pharmacy in Australia and here to serve you to better manage your pain condition.

The PainWISE Pharmacist will support you and your doctor to coordinate an efficient healthcare plan and can help to navigate you to further services that will assist you in your pain management sooner rather than later.

Looking to Cope and Manage your Pain?

One of our community based trained Pharmacy Professionals are ready to help you. Find a Pharmacy Professional in your area now.

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Are you a Pharmacy wanting to complete the training?

We offer training for Pharmacies that attend the Arrow PainWISE Training. If you would like training please contact PainWISE directly.

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