Bushfire Disaster Relief Fund Application Form 2020-01-06T05:32:33+00:00

Bushfire Disaster Relief Funds Application Form

If you are a Community Pharmacist whose primary dwelling have been partially or fully damaged by the recent bush fires, please complete this and let us know how we can assist you financially for any IMMEDIATE NEEDS **Please note that a secondary reference person is required to verify your claim ** A maximum of $1000 can be applied ** Please read below for further details.

What can the funds be used for:
* Day to day incidentals for community pharmacists to get back functioning quickly again.
* Day to day incidentals for community pharmacists to assist their patients with front of shop items that they require that are not covered by PBS or any other funding.
* Day to day incidentals required for community pharmacists to conduct their daily practice prior to waiting for PBS reimbursements to occur.

Thank you for completing this form. You will be contacted shortly on the status of your application for financial support and further bank transfer details will be requested.