Affiliates of Arthritis Australia


Location: Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia

Mission Statement:

Although each state has its own mission statement and individual presentation of information, all are affiliated with Arthritis Australia and share the common goal to “reduce the incidence and disabling effects of arthritis, osteoporosis and related conditions”.

Key Points:

  • Affiliate of Arthritis Australia
  • All state (or Territory) not-for-profit organisations
  • Consumer focused support, advice and information for people with arthritis or other musculoskeletal conditions
  • Goal to develop self-management skills of Arthritis
  • Promotion of State or Territory specific community workshops to encourage awareness of the issues associated with arthritis
  • Provide health professional and community education to improve management of arthritis and early diagnosis
  • Each entity supports research into the causes and treatment of arthritis.


  • Each website listed in this table has extensive information for the consumer to source knowledge on their related condition.
  • It is noteworthy that the Victorian website ( has a very user friendly presentation of this information. It is done in a simple format that is a great starting point for those who are seeking foundation knowledge on Arthritis, osteoporosis or related musculoskeletal conditions.
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