Arthritis Australia


Location: Australia Wide

Mission Statement:

(Direct quote from Arthritis Australia website)

  • To provide dignity, support and education for Australians suffering from arthritis and their carers.
  • To radically restrict the rate of growth of arthritis in Australia.
  • To be a leader in funding and advocating world class research.
  • Arthritis Australia to be identified as the only independent, arthritis focused and patient driven national body

Key Points:

  • Not-for-profit organisation
  • Is the primary arthritis body in Australia
  • Supported by affiliate offices in ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, Tas, & WA
  • Online multilingual consumer information sheets


  • Central governing body that represents Arthritis in Australia.
  • Stringent peer review system for all material contained within this website.
  • Excellent source of information for Arthritis education including varying types, management options, alternative therapies and current clinical trials. -Information is attainable in a number of different languages from this website.
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