How will painWISE help you to manage and reduce your pain?

In 2010 the National Pain Strategy came into existence in Australia. Its mission: To improve quality of life for people with pain and their families, and to minimise the burden of pain on individuals and the community.

Goal 2 of the National Pain Strategy aims to help people with pain, their carers and other supporters to have the knowledge and confidence to seek appropriate advice, education and/or treatment to enable them to better understand and manage their pain. It also called for priorities in:

  • Improving community understanding of the nature of chronic pain and best practice management and
  • Provide easily accessible information and support programs to assist people with pain, carers and other supporters, and practitioners to understand and be more proactively involved in managing pain.

The PainWISE Pharmacy Professional Service program aims to support this goal. It is here to help you, the pain sufferer or carer, to gain the valuable information you need to become a better MANAGER of your pain and make confident choices about your pain management, especially that of medication considerations. You will be able to work better with your painWISE pharmacist and other health care professionals. The program will work with your GP to help you manage your pain on a day-to-day basis and can introduce you to other healthcare professionals such as pain specialists, psychologists, dietician or physiotherapists who work in the area of persistent pain in your local area. We will work collaboratively with your treating clinicians so that we can continue to support you to reach your treatment goals safely and effectively.

  • You will understand what questions to ask
  • Where to go to get further help
  • How to understand the different treatments available to you
  • How to understand our pain medicines and use them safely and effectively
  • How to access health services cost effectively and
  • Understand that there are choices you can make that will assist you in reducing pain.
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