Pain Australia


Location: Australia Wide

Mission Statement:

“Painaustralia was formed to develop and implement the National Pain Strategy to improve the quality of life for people with pain and their families, and to minimise the burden of pain on individuals and the community.” – Painaustralia Constitution 2010

Key Points:

  • Primary driving body within Australia implementing the: ‘National Pain Strategy’ (Pain summit 2010).
  • Supported by many pain associations throughout Australia
  • Not-for-profit organisation
  • Plays a key role in working with governments, healthcare professionals and consumers to provide better access to pain management services, and best practice models of care across the healthcare system.
  • Members include healthcare professionals, consumer organisations and not-for-profit bodies representing the broad range of health issues concerned with the treatment and management of pain.


  • Excellent central point of communication for organisations and professionals focused on pain, allowing them to work together to achieve access to best practice pain management services for all Australians. This includes education on the National Pain Strategy.
  • Although this website has a designated section for consumers who are experiencing persistent pain, the focus is primarily on health professional workers and organisations (as noted above).
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