Pain Management Network: NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI Pain)


Location: New South Ways (NSW)

Mission Statement:

“This website is designed to help you gain a better understanding of your pain. The site contains information to enable you to develop skills and knowledge in the self-management of your pain in partnership with your healthcare providers.”

Key Points:

Four primary subsections within the website:

  1. General pain information ‘For Everyone’
  2. Pain education for adolescents
  3. Spinal Cord Injury Pain
  4. Health professional assessment tools and management resource for chronic pain
  5. Supported by the NSW Government


  • A consumer based website. Designed for those who are experiencing persistent pain.
  • This website has an excellent section that focuses on children with persistent pain. Termed ‘For Youth: Pain Bytes’ it includes topics such as pain and school / family / feelings / and physical activity. A valuable tool for adolescents and family experiencing persistent pain.
  • Access to all information is free.
  • A well-presented and easy to follow informative website.
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