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Launching the NEW PainWISE ONLINE Program 

Get updated with the science of pain through an easy-to-use Learning Management System platform.

Our elite PainWISE Foundations and PainWISE Advance program is now available ONLINE!

  • Earn up to 10 CPD points per program
  • Easy bite-size modules to fit into your busy schedule
  • Learn how to explain pain to your patients and validate their experience to set up trusted working partnerships
  • Better select evidence based products suitable for your patient living with pain
  • Learn how to create time efficient and effective care plans that will optimise the value of your care
  • Learn how to synergise treatment for better pain management outcomes
  • Monitor the safe use of analgesics
  • Confidently plan the care of your patient with evidence base alternatives
  • Listen from psychologists, dieticians and physiotherapists on the latest in pain science

And so much more…

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